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Our Mission Statement

William Byrd Middle School is committed to working with families and the community to provide for students a challenging program of instruction and a safe, nurturing environment that will promote self-respect, academic excellence, and social responsibility.   Blackboard- Interactive Classroom Infomation System  
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Summer School Information 
Students who need to attend summer school in order to get promoted to the next grade level will go to William Byrd Middle School.   Summer school has the following schedule: two sessions will be offered for students having to repeat a course.  The first session runs 6/17 thru 7/9 and the second session runs 7/10 thru 7/31.  School will be closed on Fridays during both sessions and on the July 4th holiday.  Hours for both of these sessions are 8AM-2:05PM daily.  Students cannot choose which session they attend; rather, it is based on when the course is offered by Central Office.  Students who want to take a new course will attend summer school daily from June 17 until July 31 from 8AM-2:05PM (with Fridays off).  Fees for summer school are:  $350 for 2 (repeating) subjects, $175 for 1 (repeating) subject and $350 to take a new subject (i.e. Eighth grade students are eligible to take Health and PE 9 early).  No bus transportation will be provided for summer school.  Summer school registration will begin on May 27, end on June 9 and will be done through your child’s counselor.  Grade-level counselors are Lindsay Haniewich (8th), Christy Cundiff (7th) and Lubeth Jones (6th).

Orientation Schedule

WBMS will hold the 6th grade orientation on Friday, August 22nd from 10:30AM until 12:30PM.  The orientation lasts the full 2 hours.  Students will do a walk-through of their schedule and meet their teachers that day.  At the end of the orientation students will be allowed to bring their school supplies and set up their locker before the first day of school.  While students are walking thru their schedules parents are encouraged to attend a presentation about their student starting middle school.  At the end of the orientation parents can set up their son/daughter’s lunch account, join PTA, visit the Thrasher afterschool program table and browse through Chalaines’s WBMS apparel/items.

WBMS will also hold an orientation on Friday, August 22nd from 2:00-300PM for new 7th and 8th grade students that have moved to the area over the summer and have never attended WBMS.  This orientation is not for students that are returning to WBMS in the fall.  This orientation lasts the full hour and students will get to walk their schedules and set up their lockers.  Meanwhile, parents will attend a brief “Welcome to WBMS” presentation.



The high school main office no longer hands out worker's permits.  In order to obtain a worker's permit, you need to visit :  WWW.DOLI.VIRGINIA.GOV and select "Child Labor Law FAQ's" on the right-hand side.  There will be a direct link to the electronic permission to employ form.

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Upcoming Events



13 - Business Day 12:00PM to 6:00PM

22 - 6th grade orientation (10:30-12:30) 

      New 7th & 8th grade student orientation (brand new to WBMS) 2:00-3:00PM


8 - Back to School night, 7:00PM



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