HVHS Blackboard Help For Parents

Internet Explorer 7 is no longer supported in Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 12

Please see the following link for information on supported browsers.


Parent access to RCPS Blackboard

A letter with account credential information was sent home on the first day of school (through homerooms). The letter contained account credentials for parent access to Blackboard

Username and passwords have not changed. If you still have your account credentials from last year you can use them to access your student's information. 

If you do not have access to this letter, please see instructions below.

If you are ready to login to Blackboard click here

Instructions on how to switch between students in your family be found by clicking here.

Parent Account passwords are 7 numbers in length. If you have a password that is shorter than 7 characters, place zeros in front of the password that was provided to you.  

ie: Password: 12345 should be entered as 0012345

Each parent/guardian is given an account that enables the user to access and view student grades, class announcements and  assignments for each of their students who are enrolled in grades 9-12.   You will also be able to view middle school student accounts in your family but may find class information to be more limited than the a high school student account.  

In order to login to this account, please visit .
To access your students courses use the account information found in the letter distributed during homeroom on the first day of school. 

What will you find in your students Blackboard account?

You will find a Blackboard course space for each class your student is taking. You will also find two special course spaces that the HVHS staff uses to stay in touch with students. One is called TitanSpace and the other is a course maintained by the HVHS Guidance department. TitanSpace is used to post school wide daily announcements as well as a resource for students to find information on a variety or school and technology related topics.

 You may also find a course space for a club, team or student organization that your HVHS student is active in.

Assignments, Announcements, Calendars, Rules

All RCPS teachers are required to use the course calendar to convey long range goals for their class to their students.

All RCPS teachers are required to use the course announcements to convey time sensitive information.

All RCPS teachers are required to post their course syllabus and classroom rules or policies into their Blackboard course space.

Many teachers at HVHS go above and beyond the minimum RCPS teacher requirements for Blackboard use. You may find that your student's teachers are using  Blackboard  to extend and enhance student's traditional educational experience.

The best resource for a parent on how to learn how use Blackboard is their very own Hidden Valley student. Sit down with your son or daughter and ask them to show you how to navigate Backboard.

What do I do if I get an "Invalid Credentials" error message when logging in?

If your password is less than 7 characters try adding leading zeros to the password numbers that were provided to you until your password is 7 characters in length.
If this does not work please contact the HVHS Instructional Technology Resource Teacher Andy Clapper 562-3900 ext 22032

I don't see my students grades, assignments or announcements...Who do I contact?

Please contact your student's teachers directly if you have a concern about missing class information. A list of all faculty emails can be found here

What do I do if I lost my username and password?

For security and confidentiality reasons, we can not give out account information over the phone. Please send an email to with the following information.

Parent Name
Student Name, Grade, and last 4 digits of student ID
The email address you have provided RCPS as your primary email

Once the information is verified we can send you your account credentials.

How do I reset or change my username and password?

Passwords and Usernames cannot be reset or changed by the user or administrators.

I have more than one student at HVHS, do I need account information for each student? 

No. The new parent account unifies all student information from your household in one location. It allows access to all of the students class information in your family. Please click here for directions on how to switch students.

I can see my son/daughter's account from the middle school but there is no class information.

 The levels of use in the middle school will vary from the high school. If you have questions about Blackboard use in the middle school, please contact your middle school's ITRT.

Should you have any questions not covered here, please feel free to contact the HVHS Instructional Technology Resource Teacher Andy Clapper 562-3900 ext 22032