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Last Updated: October 17, 2014
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Ph: 540-561-8135
Fax: 540-561-8164

Oct. 12-21.....National School Lunch Week 
Oct. 20-24...National School Bus Safety Week
Oct. 20-24...Character Counts Week
Oct. 21.........PTA STEM Night! 7pm
Oct. 21.........SCA Meeting 2:30
Oct. 22........Bank of Botetourt Kids Save Day
Oct. 24........END OF 1ST NINE WEEKS
Oct. 27-31...Red Ribbon Week
Oct. 29........Kdg. Field Trip to Pumpkin Patch
Oct. 30........Kona Ice visits Glen Cove!
Oct. 31........Book Fair Begins
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           Gifted Screening

The gifted process is underway for students in grades K-12. Parents who feel that their child should be screened for placement in the gifted program should contact the school counselor  (561-8135)for a referral packet.
School Counselor: 
Donna S. Richardson, LPSC  drichardson@rcs.k12.va.us


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The Glen Cove PTA has 
Glen Cove T-shirts available for purchase!
Glen Cove T-Shirts
They are also offering long sleeve shirts, v-neck shirts, hoodies, zip up hoodies, and drawstring bags.
To place an order or for more information, please contact Gwynn Weaver at gwynnweaver@me.commailto:gwynnweaver@me.comshapeimage_43_link_0
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Dates to Remember!
News to Note
Community Christmas Store 2014

The CCS mission is to assist families in need in a dignified manner during the holiday season.  Families must reside in Roanoke County, Salem, or Craig County.  For more information about participating in the CCS, please contact your school counselor and/or click this link.Main_Index_Page_files/CCS%202014.pdfshapeimage_47_link_0
Updated 9/25
It’s that time again! The Reflections Contest is nearing. This contest is a fun way for students to share their 
creativity with the world. 

The theme is “The world would be a better place if...”
To learn more about Reflections, and to view a GREAT video from RCPS please 

Please CLICK HERE for a PDF with the information on how to enter, deadlines, and everything else you need to know! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkGR02kHD9EMain_Index_Page_files/Reflections%202014.pdfshapeimage_53_link_0shapeimage_53_link_1
Important PTA Virginia Legislation
Make your opinion heard! 
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Updated 10/13
Updated 10/13
Updated 10/13
Updated 10/13
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