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Teacher Grants

Teacher Grant Application

Completed grant applications must be returned to Jean Wynn, Central Office by November 21, 2014.  Selected recipients will be notified by December 10, 2014 and funds will be awarded at the Teacher Grant Reception scheduled for January 21, 2015.



The teacher grant program enables Roanoke County teachers to request funds for projects that directly benefit students.  For the 2013-2014 school year, recipients at 19 schools will receive 44 grants for a total of $12,548.  In addition, a special $300 grant is being awarded to every school to encourage STEM projects, totaling $8,100. The grants are funded through general Foundation funds and sponsors from our annual golf tournament.  The recipients and their projects are:

Back Creek Elementary

Stephanie Fleshman, Kitty Lyons, Niki Pritchard, Beth Campbell & Cindy Noble —Diversity Dolls

Kitty Lyons, Niki Pritchard & Stephanie Fleshman  — Building a Fort

Stephanie Fleshman, Niki Pritchard & Kitty Lyons — Clay Maps

Burton Center for Art & Technology

Susheela Shanta — Electric Power from Mud - Microbial Fuel Cells

Timothy Miles — CSI:  Burton (Miniature)

Bonsack Elementary

Kyndal Smith — Setting the Stage for Learning - Through the Use of Dramatic Play

Burlington Elementary

Kimberly Parrish —Creative Building with Wonderful Land of Legos

Michelle Saul —Building Ready Math Problem Solvers

Sherry Falls — Marketing Magic and Building the Great Wall

Cave Spring Elementary

Whitney Holcomb, Rebecca Goodman & Natalie Newman-Yost — STEM-y Native American Pots

Cave Spring Middle

Patricia Gentry — Community-Based Outreach

Stuart Rawlings — How Do You See the World?

Corrie Bowling All — Project GREENHOUSE

Cave Spring High

Paul Soucie — Stick Frame Houses

Glen Cove Elementary

William Pratt — Setting Pathways to Visit all the State Capitals

Glenvar Elementary

Kelly Stewart — BUILDing Mathematicians

Mallory Graham  — How Does Your Garden Grow?

Kelly Henderson — Save Alexander's Money! S.T.E.M. Style

Glenvar Middle

Pamela G. Rose—Bookmaking

Glenvar High

Ann Blomberg —Illumination

Charlie Filer —"SEE-Change" - Amped About Ampoules: A Meaningful Watershed Experience

Sherry Siska —Don't Blink: How Unconscious Decision Making Impacts Real-World Problems

Green Valley Elementary

Kathie Koll — Egg Roll

Leigh-Anne Williams — Preschool Rocks with Building Blocks

Hidden Valley Middle

Keisha Bell — Property Party

Lisa Riddle — Six Graders Create & Publish Original Picture Books

Marilee Weikel —Circuiting Energy Resources

Trey White — Authentic Magazine Publication

Kristie Boone — HV Design Star

Ron Coleman — Anatomy of Calamari

Julie Barrette — Rube Goldberg Machine Project

Teresa Worth — Altered Images; Communication & Interpretation and Art 21:  Season 5 & Season 6  (Cave Spring High)

Hidden Valley High        

Annette Meyer — In Vitro Fertilization of Sea Urchins

Mount Pleasant Elementary

Karin Kaerwer — Fifth Grade Community Market

Debra Lester — Read Music; Read a Book

Northside Middle

Tina Musarra — Fusing Classroom Experiences with Real Life

Karen Perry-Carroll — Fusing Real Life and Classroom Experiences

Oak Grove Elementary

Charlotte Ferguson & Gloria Howell — We Can Make Art

Alisa Downing & Tina Coffey — Little Free Libraries for Oak Grove Communities

William Byrd Middle

Jill Mecham & Kayla Mitchell — Kites:  A Lofty Stem Acvitity

Kay Thompson— Leggo My  STEM

William Byrd High

Allyson Goin— Mosaics


Congratulations to all the recipients!

Since 1991, Roanoke County Public Schools Education Foundation

has provided over $230,000 to 1,200 teachers.







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