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2010 Hermes Gold Award Winner

Teacher Grants

We want to congratulate the following teachers who received a Teacher Grant for 2015.  A reception is scheduled for Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at Central Office in the gym at 4:00 p.m., to recognize the recipients and award the grant funds. 



The teacher grant program enables Roanoke County teachers to request funds for projects that directly benefit students.  For the 2014-2015 school year, recipients at 18 schools will receive 56 grants for a total of $16,153.  The grants are funded through general Foundation funds and sponsors from our annual golf tournament.  The recipients and their projects are:

Back Creek Elementary
Elizabeth Campbell - Historical Sculptures
Stephanie Fleshman, Mary Lyons, Niki Pritchard & Carolyn Addington -
Building a Fort

Burton Center for Arts & Technology
David Baxter, Chris Overfelt & Thomas Shelton - Burton Foundation
Michael French - Hands-On Networking
Timothy Miles - CSI: Burton - The Attack (Miniature)
Elizabeth Chapman - BCAT Digital Citizenship Week: Social Media
Inventory Community Panel and Debate

Bonsack Elementary
Kyndal Smith - Fostering a Love of Literacy: No More Boring ABC's

Cave Spring Middle
Tiffany Sakaguchi - Roanoke Sundial
Jennifer Sprouse - Catapults and Parabolas
Stuart Rawlings - Is the Answer Really Blowing in the Wind?
An Exploration of Alternative Energy Sources

Cave Spring High
Paul Soucie - Designing & Producing Stick Frame Houses
Anne Pfeiffer - The Whole is Greater than the Parts: Chuck Close Inspired Monumental Group Project of Portraits of Nobel Peace Prize
and Symbolism, Metaphor and Surrealism in Illustration

Clearbrook Elementary
Abby Hudson - Ocean (Oceanographers Creating Environmentally Active

Fort Lewis Elementary
Sherry Meredith - The Fourth Graders Who Harnessed the Wind
Elizabeth Campbell - Historical Sculptures

Glenvar Elementary
Jen Osburn - Creation of Characters (Insects) S.T.E.M. Activity
Sara Anthony - You Can Do the Rubik's Cube

Glenvar Middle
Bethany Carter - Food Fridays!
Andra Blatt & Charlene Mullins - Glenvar Gardens!

Glenvar High
Ann Blomberg - Magnify a Masterpiece; and Selfies Are a Snap!
Annette Shively - Running Small Engines
Mike Beamer - Appalachia Integration Project

Hidden Valley Middle
Ron Coleman - Anatomy of Calamari
Marilee Weikel - Decoding Heredity 2015
Julie Barrett - The 4-C Machine
Anna Pack - Communication & Collaboration Through Reader's Theater
Teresa Worth - Tell Me A Story, Jacob Lawrence; and Illuminated Letter
Brad Hughes - Jewels for our Jewels
Kristie Boone - HV Design Star
Mary Elmore & Christine Morgan - Gold Fever - The Call of the Wild: Classroom Simulation Adapted from the Works of Chris Taibbi
Christine Morgan & Mary Elmore - Putting the Pieces Together: The Autobiography of a Kid

Hidden Valley High
Sophie Wall - Farm to Table Roman Pesto
Annette Meyer - Energy Dynamics in the Monarch Butterfly
Tim Spence - Latin III Hortus Romanus (Roman Garden) Project
Amanda Kinser - Culinary Arts International Food Fair
Mistie Dickenson - Environmentalism and Solar Houses

Mount Pleasant Elementary
Lynez Humphries & Heather Evans - Lego Engineering Club
Allison Angell & Karen Terrell - The Adventures of Mrs. Terrell & Mrs. Angell
Karin Kaerwer - World Marketplace
Debra Lester - Stepping and Skipping with Verbs
Allison Angell, Bonnie Hartman & Patricia Goad - Mission Nutrition's Fresh Fruit Friday's

Mountain View Elementary
Sharon Tarpley-Looney & Victoria Fesquet - Reading Together - Parent Child Book Club

Northside Middle
Cierra Coyner - Utilizing a 3D Printer for Learning Life Science
Tina Musarra - Fusing Classroom Experiences with Real Life
Rhea Forney & Jamie McCarthy - Red Kayak Mock Trial
Karen Perry-Carroll - In the Batter's Box
Carol Adkins, April Griffin & Lauren Sprouse - Exploring History and

Northside High
Sandra Reedy & Dustin McCarty - Rockin Fun in Earth Science

William Byrd Middle
Kay Thompson - Let's Ride the Amtrak Train! (Take 2)
Code Sizemore & Heather Balsley - Giraffe on the Path
Benita Houff - Pre-AP Geometry's All Time Great Toothpick Bridge

William Byrd High
Melissa Carr & Barbara Burns - 2014-2015 Science Fair
Carol Lyn Webster, Dottie Mayer & Suzanne Spruell - The Root of It All:
Embracing Our Community through Visual and Verbal Connections

Congratulations to all the recipients!

Since 1991, Roanoke County Public Schools Education Foundation

has provided over $240,000 to 1,300 teachers.







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