We Made Do...
Surviving the Great Depression


Go to the website below  and click on Oral History.  Choose Inez Williamson’s story of how her family made do.


Question 12: List two things that impressed you about Inez’s story of the Depression.


The Web site:  http://www.mcsc.k12.in.us/mhs/social/madedo/



Question 13: Choose from one of the letters written to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. What were people asking Eleanor to do for them.  Read 2 letters.


The Web site:  http://newdeal.feri.org/eneanor/er3ahtm



Question 14:
During the Depression years, people who were lucky enough to have jobs were paid very low wages. About how much was an accountant paid each week during the Depression? About how much is an accountant paid each week today?

How about a doctor then and now?


The Web site: http://www.michigan.gov/hal/0,1607,7-160-15481_19268_20778-52530--,00.html
You can find the answers to those questions on the Then and Now: Prices page of the Michigan Historical Museum's Web site. (Do some more comparing: Study the chart at that Web site to learn what some common store-bought items cost during the Depression) 



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