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Accelerated Reader Program


Mrs. Kathy Coats, Reading Specialist


Copy of the parent letter for Accelerated Reader



A computerized reading management system that is designed to increase information regarding literature-based reading practice. It measures the quality, quantity, and level of reading, and feeds back to students, teachers, and parents.

The program motivates students to read which increases comprehension skills and improves reading for other content areas as well. The students are encouraged to read more and better books which improves higher thinking skills and fosters a love of reading.

The students read a book, take a test on the computer, earn points according to their accuracy. Then certificates, parties, and awards are given.

The Librarian and Reading Teacher choose the test disks to go along with books in the library and/or buy books to go along with the tests already on the computer. A booklet with the names of the Accelerated Reader books can be found in each classroom,  the reading center and library as well as local libraries and book stores.

Students are asked to choose books on their reading level, read carefully, take the test, and answer at least 80% correctly.

Individual goals are for improvement in scores.

Class goals are for 100% participation :

1st Grade -   goals established by the teacher

2nd Grade - 25 points

3rd Grade - 35 points

4th Grade - 40 points

5th Grade - 50 points

School goal is to earn 16,000 points.



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