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2010 Hermes Gold Award Winner

Finance Department

Our focus is to provide accurate and professional financial information for board members, staff, and the community to make pro-active budgetary decisions, plan for future school division needs, assess past financial performance, and optimize the sharing of information.

Penny Hodge 562-3900 (ext. 10161)

Assistant Superintendent of Finance
Susan Peterson 562-3900 (ext. 10163)
Senior Finance Manager
Cameron McCormick 562-3900 (ext. 10162)
Finance Manager
Brandon Lee 562-3716 (ext. 10160)
Senior Accountant
Robyn McKeever 562-3900 (ext. 10184)

2016 Budget Progression

02-26-15   IT Assessment Results Budget Work Session

03-09-15  Budget Work Session

03-11-15  Joint School Board and County Board of Supervisors Budget Work Session 

03-26-15 Budget Work Session

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