Lesson Plan:
Mixed-Up Chameleon
by Eric Carle

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Charlotte Ferguson

Grade 2                                   Lesson: Mixed up Chameleon by Eric Carle

I.                     Objectives:

Art:     2.2 The students will use literary sources to generate ideas for a work of art.

           2.8  The student will identify and use a variety of sources for art ideas, including nature.

                  The students will learn and use collage technique

           2.23 RC The student will use a variety of line

           Classroom: 2.8 The student will demonstrate  comprehension of fiction and non fiction selections.

II.                    Materials:

2nd grade Harcourt “trophies” reading series.

“The mixed up Chameleon “ by Eric Carle

practice paper

9x12 tagboard

tissue paper

Glue and water mixture




18x4 brown paper

6x4 light green

6x4 dark green paper


III.                   Procedures:

1.          Students will view photographs of real chameleons.

2.          The students will follow step by step directions for drawing a chameleon as lead by the teacher.

3.          Students will draw one on their own, rembering to draw LARGE.  This chameleon is drawn on tag board.

4.          Students will cover the chameleon with tissue paper and a glue mixture.

5.          After dry, cut around the chameleon, removing any excess paper

6.          Draw the details back in with black marker.

7.          Add a tree branch.

8.          Cut out many leaves at one time by folding your green paper.

9.          Add line designs to the leaves and the branch.


IV.                Vocabulary:




V.                  Evaluation:

VI.                Assessment will be made based on the objectives being met.


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