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4th grade

Mrs. Melissa Jones, principal
Mrs. Tobie McPhail, assistant principal
5437 Crumpacker Dr.
Roanoke, VA  24019
(540) 977-5870
(540) 977-5879 (fax)

Our Children, Our Future...

4th grade webstie

WELCOME to Fourth Grade!

Mrs. Burnett, Mrs. Sowers, and Mrs. Jones welcome you to fourth grade!  Please check out our Fourth grade website!

Fourth grade is a year of academic and social growth. Fourth graders will be focusing on skills to help them become more independent and responsible students. Bonsack’s fourth graders can expect a year full of interesting and fun-filled learning activities!

 Fourth grade goals:
* To develop more independence
         * To encourage responsibility
         * To develop an appreciation for reading through novel studies
            * To become an organized student ready for learning
            * To help students become good citizens
            * To develop independent thinking
            * To begin to prepare students for middle school through interactive

           Areas of Curriculum:


*    Read and study biographies, autobiographies, mysteries, and realistic fiction
*    Learn to read for specific information

*    Comprehension skills
*    Writing skills
*    Oral presentations
*    Learn proofreading skills and editing skills
*    Develop research skills
*    Grammar
*    Spelling


*    Develop strategies and application skills for problem solving by working independently and in small groups.
*    Know multiplication and division facts.
*    Continue to develop number sense through estimation and mental math.
*    Work to master multiple digit addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division computation skills.
*    Continue explorations of fractions, decimals and geometry.
*    Increase knowledge of customary and metric measurements.
*    Be challenged with logic and reasoning problems.  Continue explorations of fractions, decimals and geometry.
*    Work with graphs, probability and patterns.

Social Studies

*    Study Virginia 's geography
*    Develop an awareness of the importance of protecting our natural resources
*    Study Virginia 's history form 1607 to the present
*    Read and create timelines, maps and graphs
*    Learn about economic growth in Virginia and its impact
*    Civic development including local, state and national government
*    Citizenship

Science and Technology

*    Investigate and understand energy
*    Understand and investigate characteristics of electricity
*    Study plant anatomy and life processes
*    Investigate and understand how weather occurs and can be predicted
*    Learn how plants and animals interact in an ecosystem
*    Study nutritional needs for a healthy lifestyle
*    Discover and understand the relationship among the Earth, Moon, and Sun
*    Use multimedia technology in each unit of study
*    Involve students in experiments with each unit
*    Develop projects that relate to the unit content
*    Study of meteorology

Study Skills

*    Learn organizational skills.
*    Develop good study habits.
*    Learn study techniques.
*    Assume more responsibility for own learning, including homework.
*    Technology skills and applications.
*    Test taking strategies
*    Preparation for SOL tests (Virginia Studies, Math, and Reading )


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Last modified: September 19, 2012